"The novelist F. Scott Fitzgerald said “There are no second acts in American lives,” but he had not yet encountered Zolar X, a band bigger than America. Bigger even, than earth itself. Their forty year-plus career is one of the great untold stories of modern pop culture – one of glamour, glory, chemical abuse, comebacks, imprisonment, near-hits and close-misses. Let’s rewind..." Ben Myers

Time Travel – Past, Future or Both? 

If I could travel back in time, I would go back to 1974 when we had the chance to do something that would have changed our lives? Brian Ross, a recording engineer/producer, gave us his card after one of our shows at The Starwood. He told us he would like to record an album. That’s big! We were excited! Odedaku! (you know what I mean) It would be our first opportunity to record. A few days later, he called us and actually confirmed an appointment to go to the studio and start the recording session. We threw… Read more

Zolar X’s Kryptonite 

Nop trea (greetings) Earthers.

Our mission, beginning the summer of 1973 A.D. on your home world, was fraught with the blindness and general lack of vision of the music and film industry officials of that era. The progressive rock movement was slowly being edged out of the radio market by the singer-song writer trend and Disco. Our futuristic Sci-fi Theater concepts with Rocket Roll and Space Symphony were received by the deaf, dumb, and blind and appeared to be – apparently – just what it is! An “ALIEN… Read more

1982 A Timeless Clear Vinyl 

After Zolar X dissolved in 1981, I found myself wanting. So I put on a cassette tape of the Horizon Suite. I said to myself, “damn, this shit is good! People should hear it”!! I decided to do something about that. Underneath my bed, I had three reel to reel tapes; one from Memphis, one from Rodondo Beach and one from the Army Street Studios in San Francisco. This was Zolar X’s life’s work.

DIY was the total fashion of the day stemming from the Hollywood Punk Rock scene. I hooked up with a friend who had… Read more

Zolarians Don’t Grow on Trees 

zo – lar – i – an
/zō lär´ ēǝn/


  1. Beings from Zolaria City, Plutonia.
  2. A being, a member, or a follower of Zolar X.


Not everyone wants to be one. And some people are curious to observe one. And then there’s the select few that are one. And at the cellular level, it’s present in their DNA. With some coaching, molding, practicing – zap! A Zolarian! And some of you reading this may be one and not know it.

Let’s say you’re in a rock band from planet Earth and you needed a new bass player, you could go… Read more

ZOLAR X – The First Show: A Space-Age Birth 


On Dec 22, 1973, some people were born, some people died and Zolar X played their first show in the SF Bay area. When I look at the pictures from that show, I ask myself, “where’s Zolar X”? It looks like a bunch of mismatched colored hair kids. But I also remember, with my 20-year-old eyes, looking at the audience, with their wide-eyed, jaw dropping faces – the impression we must have made on them, it was like we were from another planet.

It’s hard to convey just how much fun those early years were. It… Read more