Out of this world

The Story of Zolar X



Out of This World: The Story of Zolar X – Out Now on Planet Earth

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Authors Ygarr Ygarrist, Zory Zenith, and Raidii X

Almost a decade in the making and 50 years since the birth of the band! We wanted to get the story down - the real and complete story - tell the yarns and let you see, hear, and feel, firsthand, what it was like, how the band came to be, the near misses and the times we nailed it. This is the Zolar X bible, a comprehensive, factual account from three of the members who lived it.

Come along for the ride! 

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The first-hand recounting of their exploits is recalled in vivid and entertaining detail, which immediately draws you in, and makes it difficult to stop reading. I strongly recommend this book and encourage you to check out their music as well. It will be time well spent! ” - Bill Billard

— PNX News

All the bands that came up when my first band Silverhead was arriving on the planet seemed to be inspired by the usual iconic artists like the Rolling Stones and the New York Dolls. Zolar X was literally from another planet. ” - Michael Des Barres
The space-age haircuts sparked something extraordinary—they changed us. Our new hair style allowed us to discard old-fashioned ideas and constraints. The floodgates were open and a new dawn had begun.” - Out of This World - Ygarr Ygarrist

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